Monday, November 7, 2011

Schedule Example

I've posted an example of one of my edited chart-format schedules, where I took the generic chart-format schedule (new up-to-date copies soon to be available on the AmblesideOnline website) and edited them for our use.  The formatting didn't transfer particularly well, but I think you'll get the idea.

Update 7-Apr-2013:  To respect AO's copyright, I've edited the sample chart to include only two weeks and a handful of the scheduled selections.  You can still get the general idea.  I also edited this post to reflect the new source for the chart-format schedules.


  1. I clicked over from the AO forum. I love how you organized this. It is so much more simple. I am not techy at all and am trying to figure out how to best format a weekly checklist that would be more simple to follow like yours. Have you done this with Y3? My name is Betty, but this is my older daughter's google account (can't figure out how to sign out from it since we share an email!).

  2. I start with the charts that AO has posted for each year. Then I try to rearrange the rows to make groups that will amount to approximately four or five assignments per week. Here's more about that grouping:

    Here are more details about how I edit the charts: