Thursday, June 19, 2014

Organizing our AO Year (Scheduling Overview)

I've blogged about different aspects of this process at different times.  Here are the key posts, all in one spot!  (Updated in January 2020)

Sample Term Schedules - See a sample (for each AO year I've scheduled so far) of the schedules I create for my own family.

How I Scheduled Year 3 - Walk through the process of planning Year 3.
How I Scheduled Year 5 - Walk through the process of planning Year 5.
How I Scheduled Year 7 - Walk through the process of planning Year 7 for an 8th grader.
How I Scheduled Year 10 - Walk through the process of planning Year 10.

A Natural Reward - Guest post at Afterthoughts.

Planning Our Ambleside Year  - What resources to pull together at the start of the year.
Chart Format Example - See a sample of how I set up the chart-format schedule.
More Chart Format Examples  - I added these in February 2015 to provide more recent examples using our current method of organizing our day and our week.
Organizing Our Homeschool - How I set up daily and weekly checklists so the kids can manage their own work.
Categorizing Our Schoolwork - How I organize the assignments into handy categories to make the weekly schedule into a daily schedule.
Using Times in a Flexible Schedule - Finding a compromise between rigid structure and complete flexibility.

Balaam's Ass - Encouragement when all does not go as planned.
Parenting as a Recovering Listaholic - The best laid plans. . .

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