Friday, July 12, 2013

CM Blog Carnival: The Knowledge of Man (History)

Let's explore this wealth of topics, from what it means to study history to how to save our children's imaginations!

Dewey's Treehouse:  Tell Me Another Story -  History is supposed to be a great story.

Surviving Mexico:  Parenting Challenge-Living History - This was dead history, no heroes, no battles, no great achievements to remember.

Letters from Nebby:  Learning History -  When we study history, we study human beings.

...where the blacktop ends:  Tendrils of Attachment -  A well written tale of history really comes alive and I'm looking forward to reading them with my son.
Living Books Library:  Anything New? -  Do books have to be "old" to be worth reading, are there any "good" new books, and how can we offer contemporary books to children to interest the "modern" child?

Classically Charlotte:  The Nature of Children - A development of Charlotte Mason's second principle of education

Joyous Lessons from Celeste:  Learning Languages the CM WayToday I want to talk a bit about her thoughts in Volume 1 and the work of Francois Gouin, whom she references in this section.

Joyous Lessons from Angela:  Grammar and FrenchBack to our Volume 1 discussion!  The next two sections are grammar and French, and in both of these areas,  Charlotte gives some very practical advice for teachers.

Living Charlotte Mason in California:  Those first-born affinities - "Those first-born affinities That fit our new existence to existing things." 

Sage Parnassus:  Charlotte and Japanese Royalty Here is an interesting tidbit about Madam Shimoda from Japan - someone I had heard about but never understood what her relationship to Mason was.

Snowfall Academy:  truth, goodness, beauty - The goal is to become wise, virtuous people who can reflect the glory of God to those around them.   And the way we do this is by absorbing and contemplating that which is good and true and beautiful.

Afterthoughts:  On Bad Attitudes (Part I) - What ought we to do if little ones tell us they "hate school" or they don't like studying on their own, anyway?

Sage Parnassus:  The Found Tools of Learning -  We should never have lost them.  They were sitting right in front of us all this time.

Sylvia Cachia:  The Story of Two Daughters - This year 1 and year 3 promise to be a wonderful one. Challenges will be met with patience and educated common sense, apart from tea and chocolate.

Grace to Abide:  Preparing My Homeschooler for Mainstream School When I think about my girls going into mainstream school, I can foresee two potential areas of where the school might have a different approach to the one my girls have been used to: 1) writing ‘creatively’ and 2) spelling.

 All Things Bright and Beautiful:  Von Bremen, Bach, and Fisher - Art, Music and Poetry to inspire a love in the hearts of our children for all things beautiful using a Charlotte Mason approach.

Harvest Moon By Hand:  Artist/Picture Study-Georgia O'Keefe and Composer Study-Frederick Chopin - See how these studies took place in this home.

Our Journey Westward:  Pond Nature Study -  What could we possibly find during one simple walk around a small pond?  Enough to keep us busy for over an hour!

journey-and-destination:  A Sentimental Journey -  How can we prevent our children's imaginations from being destroyed?

Fisher Academy International:  Nature Study Monday:: July! LINKup! - Please forgive the lack of new and inspiring nature-ish notes this week, but please do feel free share your nature study posts for everyone to visit!!

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