Monday, January 9, 2017

Physics Lab in a Hardware Store, Part III

In planning for our upcoming AmblesideOnline Year 5 Term 2, I'm adding in the optional science book Physics Lab in a Hardware Store by Bob Friedhoffer.

I scheduled out Term 1 and Term 2 already.  For this third 12-week term, we'll divide up the readings like this:
pp. 78-80
pp. 80-81
pp. 81-82
pp. 83-85
pp. 85-87
pp. 88-89
pp. 89-90
pp. 91-92
pp. 93-95
pp. 96-97
pp. 97-98
pp. 99-100


Items to View

(These aren't necessarily required in person, as the book has illustrations of them and they aren't needed for activities.)
  • window shades
  • compound pulley
  • adjustable wrench
  • vise
  • vise grip
  • bolt cutters
  • plumb line
  • fisherman's scale
  • level
  • various saws
  • box of nails
  • automobile jacks

Items to Use

(These are needed for observations and activities and may be required more than once.)
  • two strong wooden poles about 1 yard long
  • 30 piece of strong rope