Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Scheduling Signs and Seasons

AmblesideOnline uses Signs and Seasons in Years 7-9.  The official schedules for those years include broad ranges of the book for each term.  It's up to each family to decide how to spread that work across the term.  Here's one way of doing that.  There's no magic to this, so consider this just an example.  You could divide up the work vastly differently and have it still be as good or better as this arrangement.

Each column in the table is one week.  In each week, you'll have one passage to read (except where that week has dashes) and two field activities.  Generally, you want to keep a record of the field activities in your field notebook or journal.


  1. Thank you! I'm just starting to schedule year 7!
    On the right side, your blog shows 3 posts for year 7, but when I click year 7 to see them, only this post will come up. What are the other 2 year 7 posts about?

  2. It confused me too! But look below the very long posr, on the right, where it says Older Posts or something like that. Click it, and the other two posts should appear.