Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Year 1 Math Update

We are using Ray’s Arithmetic for math, but modifying it to fit the plan laid out by CM in Volume 1.  We are now almost finished with Term 2 of Year 1, so we’ve been schooling for almost 24 weeks, approximately.  We’ve finished the addition and subtraction lessons, although I think we need some review to cement the information.  I suspect that I discontinued the use of counters sooner than I should have, mostly because I was on bedrest and using the counters was inconvenient.  We have done the first three multiplication/division lessons, and so far they have gone very well.  This seems to be because dd has already grasped the concepts without the lessons, though.

I do think I’m going to add in some addition/subtraction review activities, probably games, so that we don’t lose those facts and to help improve her grasp of them.  But yes, so far I’m pleased with the way these lessons have worked out.

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