Sunday, February 5, 2012

Year 2 Term 2 Exam

1. In your own words, tell what it means to be made in the image of God.
2. In your own words, tell about the Magi and why it is significant that God sent the star for them.

Describe your favorite scene or character from the Shakespeare play you read this term (All’s Well that Ends Well).

Pilgrim’s Progress
1. Tell me about an obstacle Christian faced and how he got past it.
2. Tell me about some help Christian received—who helped him and how?

Little Duke
What was your favorite part of Little Duke?
How did the Little Duke change during the book?

Wind in the Willows
Which character was your favorite? Why?
Did Toad change during the story? How did he change or why did he not change?

What kind of ship has Seabird been on so far?
Tell me a little bit about what that kind of ship does.

Parables from Nature
Tell me about one of the parables you’ve read this term.
“The Circle of Blessing”, “Active and Passive”, “Not Lost, but Gone Before”

World History
1. Tell about a good king from our readings. What made him a good king?
2. Tell about some challenges the kings were facing at this time.

Tell me a little bit about the Santa Fe Trail: who used it and why?

Natural History
Tell me about one animal in each of these orders.
1. Order Artiodactyla (Deer and relatives) –
2. Order Pinnipedia (Seals) –
3. Order Sirenia (Manatee), Order Edentalia (Armadillo), Order Metatheria (Marsupials) –

Recite a poem you learned.
1. Choose two numbers and tell me the times tables for those numbers.
2. There are 5 students in the class and 35 pencils. If the pencils are divided equally among the students, how many does each student get?
3. Ann wants to split a collection of bottle caps into groups of 6. Ann has 30 bottle caps. How many groups will be created?
4. Ronald is inviting 5 friends to a party. He has 15 cookies. How many cookies will each friend get?

Picture Study
Describe “The Grand Cascade at Tivoli” by Fragonard.

Foreign Language
Sing a folk song that you learned this term.

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