Sunday, February 5, 2012

Year 5 Term 2 Exam

1. In your own words, tell about one of the days of creation. Also, explain why the activity on this day is important.
2. In your own words, explain why Matthew included the genealogy at the beginning of his book and why this is important.

Write 4 lines of a poem that you memorized this term. (Type this here.)

The boy was very ill, he said, and weak from the loss of blood; but his mind was so troubled with anxiety to disclose something, that he deemed it better to give him the opportunity, than to insist upon his remaining quiet until next morning: which he should otherwise have done. (Study this, then come to me for dictation.)

1. Describe your favorite scene or character from the Shakespeare play you read this term.
2. Name any of Oliver Twist’s "friends" and tell how their actions effect Oliver’s situation for good or bad. OR tell the story of Antigone or Aristaeus the Bee-keeper

U.S. History
1. What do you know about the Underground Railroad?
2. Describe the taking of New Orleans OR the Battle of Gettysburg.
3. What factors helped the Union defeat the Confederacy?
Show your book of centuries to Dad and explain what you added this term and why.

World History
1. During this term you read about many different people who travelled. Describe one voyage: who took it, why it was taken and why it was important?
2. During this term you read about several conflicts outside of the United States. Describe one war or conflict: who was involved, why were they fighting, and what was the outcome?
Show your timeline to Dad and explain what you added this term.

If you used Halliburton's The Book of Marvels:
1. Tell what you know about "No Woman's Land" OR one of the wonders of the Ancient World.
2. Describe a place you read about this term that you'd like to visit.

Natural History and General Science
1. What kind of nourishment/food do plants need? How do they take it in?
2. Describe or draw the parts of the eye.
3. Tell of some of the bones in your body OR tell what you know of how the muscles in the body work.

Citizenship/Government (Plutarch)
Why didn't Solon just copy what Lycurgus did in Sparta? How did he fit his laws to the state of things in Athens, rather than making things to fit his laws?

1. If I buy two boxes of cereal at $3.24 each, a gallon of milk at $4.24, and two loaves of bread at $1.81 each, how much will I spend?
2. Multiply 18 x 42 x 73.
3. Divide 3744 by 16.
4. What is 1/4 + 2/3 + 5/6?

Foreign Language
Translate into English:
1. Puella aquam portat.
2. El general cooperó con el presidente.

Picture Study
Describe “The Grand Cascade at Tivoli” by Fragonard.


  1. Kathy,
    Are exams mandatory while using AO? I am still completely overwhelmed by all of it, and am coming to grips with the fact that maybe AO just isn't right for our family, although the CM method is. For example, we are using BJU for History..mainly for my 13 yr. old, although the younger ones listen and narrate back to me, too. So if we would decide to start using AO soon, would we just stop using our textbook in the middle of it? Sorry I have so many questions, but I can identify with the AO yahoo member who just couldn't "wrap their head around it"!! (You can email me if you rather answer me that way:
    Thanks for all your help!

  2. No, by all means, exams are not mandatory. In fact, many long-time AO-ers do not do exams. I don't believe all of the Advisory members even do exams! lol My kids love exam week, though.

    I know that AO requires a major shift in thinking, and also that if you are coming to it after you have homeschooling underway it can seem overwhelming because you have several different years you are looking at and it all gets turned around in your head. In reality, though, it's very simple to implement.

    Here are a couple of webpages that might help you:
    Using Ambleside
    Getting Started with AmblesideOnline

    Please email me or post again to the main list with any other questions or dilemmas you have. This is very do-able!

    (And yes, you can just stop in the middle of a textbook. There's no rule that says you have to finish it! Will your 13-yo miss it? If so, you can always adjust your plan accordingly, but certainly it would not necessarily be a bad thing to just stop and change gears.)

  3. Hi Kathy! I happened to drop in, and here are two sets of exam questions...wonderful! Thank you for sharing them. I was studying up for writing my exam, so it was perfect timing.

    I am still trying to learn to write a good "or" question. It seems like it should be so obvious, but I have trouble for some reason...

  4. Brandy, I think I actually cribbed these questions off of the sample exams on the AO website! I am no great exam question writer, that is for sure.